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The Vegetarian Quality of Life
Is it the most complete diet and best lifestyle to follow?

It is unfortunate that many people are not very understanding of why it is difficult for people who are not exposed to the vegetarian philosophy cannot understand why living without meat in your diet is not only a better way to live, it is a better way to eat as well.

But unless you were born a vegetarian and raised that way, there was some point when you went through that transition.
You may be able to remember thinking that vegetarians were nutty and when you could not imagine a meal that did not have a meat as its core ingredient.  

Society doesn’t help us evolve toward a meat free world.  For one thing, there is an entire industry devoted to keeping us hooked on meats.  While that may not be as sinister and frightening as industries keeping us hooked on cigarettes, it does mean that these industries must thrive on raising and selling meat so there is no "understanding" coming from these powerful lobbies.  

Restaurants often are also not helpful when 90% of their menu offerings are meat based and when they do serve the meals, they are such large portions that their guests naturally eat too much and the wrong things at that.

Fortunately the vegetarian way of life is becoming more common and more understood every year.  As more and more people see the value of becoming a vegetarian and how much their quality of life will improve, the vegetarian culture continues to grow.

And as the population moves in this direction, business will  follow and we will see more and more businesses and restaurants wanting to serve a growing vegetarian population.  When you see Famous fast-foods offering salads and vegetable alternatives as they have done in the last few years, you know that the vegetarian quality of life is getting to be more well known.

Its good for those of us that can plainly see that the difference in quality of life as a vegetarian compared to before the transition is as different as night and day to be able to have some understanding for our cultural bias toward meat eating.
After all, civilization has been meat based for a long time.  Perhaps as far back as the caveman days, the male urge to hunt meat for food is deeply ingrained in us as a species.  So to switch to becoming a culture that hunts for vegetables rather than meats is going to be a difficult transition at a cultural level and it is going to take some time.

We should take heart from other large scale changes to how culture works because as a people, we can change.  The migration away from smoking is a great example.  Just a scant 20 or so years ago, smoking was considered a natural way of life and almost everybody smoked.  As the dangers of smoking became more evident and as the quality of life nonsmokers enjoyed became more clear, slowly society responded.

This is not to say the change came easy.  Giving up meat may be as difficult for some as giving up cigarettes is.

But we now live in a world where public smoking is rare and the percentage of smokers to nonsmokers in society is small.  That is progress and we can use that movement as inspiration that we too can bring society around to understand that giving up meat as the heart of our national diet will result in a higher quality of life for everyone.

The "How" of Vegetarianism

Usually the real obstacle of making that big change in your life to becoming a vegetarian is not the "why" of making this big change in your lifestyle but the how.  Its not hard to find good reasons to eliminate meat from your diet.  There are moral reasons, spiritual reasons and above all health reasons that make the change a perfect fit for where you are in life right now.

But what really stops a lot of people from making this very positive change in their personal lives is not knowing exactly how to make the transition.

So its a good idea to think through what it will mean to become a vegetarian so we can remove the mystery from what you are about to do.

There is no sugar coating the fact that a significant change in diet such as you will experience switching to a vegetarian lifestyle is going to take some getting used to. It is also going to call for some self discipline on your part to make the transition.  Yes, you will be more healthy and probably feel better ethically when you can honestly tell the world, "I am a vegetarian".  But the transition can be a challenge.  

That is why one of the big steps in making the change is to be well in touch with your priorities and reasons for becoming a vegetarian.

This is the most important in the first weeks of your new lifestyle as you get used to the diet and the health effects on your system.  And since most vegetarian diets go through an adjustment period as you assure you are going to get enough protein and vitamins, you will have a lot of new sensations and things going on inside that will take some patience to get through.

So be sure of your motivations and go back to that "mantra" of why you decided to make this change in your life in the first place.  And like any great goal, if you truly believe in what you are doing, you will push through the rough patches because you want to live right and enjoy the benefits of eating and living in a way that is harmonious with the environment and with your own bodily needs.

Sometimes the reason we hold back from taking the plunge on becoming vegetarians comes from a fear that is grounded in lack of information.  So the obvious solution is to learn all you can about your diet and what to expect as you begin living the life of a vegetarian.  The top priority in your new education program is how to create a diet that meets your nutritional needs as well as provides you with sufficient variety to be satisfying without the presence of meat.  The good news is that there are a huge variety of web sites and e-books you can use to learn how to supplements your diet so you get what you need nutritionally to begin your life as a vegetarian.

A big decision to make and one you should think through before you start your path to the life of a vegetarian is how you will make the transition.  You may be enthusiastic and want to go "cold turkey" or a very harsh vegetarian regimen.  But is not advised as it will increase the chances you will experience more severe reactions to cutting out so much of your diet.  Remember your body is used to a certain level of eating.  So make changes slowly one at a time and ease into your new vegetarian lifestyle.

If there is any question about whether a vegetarian diet is right for you, seek medical advice before starting to make such a big change to what you eat each day.  Your doctor can help you make sure you are getting enough vitamins for ongoing health and that you are planning meals that give you sufficient protein and nutrients so your active lifestyle is not hurt by your new eating discipline.

By begin smart, consulting with your doctor and being aware of your nutritional and vitamin needs as you start to change your diet and lifestyle, you will gently ease into a vegetarian life. And as you do so, you can celebrate that you are not just moving away from a bad diet but moving toward one you will enjoy and one that will benefit your health for a long time to come.

The "Good" of Vegetarianism

As for sure you already know,  the only thing really holding you back from making the big step of becoming a vegetarian is to come to a firm grasp of what good you will get from it.  Too often we see eating right and cutting meat from our diet as a drudgery and something we "should do" but we don’t want to.

But becoming a vegetarian is a big life change and one that you should make with every intent of remaining a vegetarian for life.  The only way to make that kind of life change "stick" is to have some concrete and desirable positive outcomes that you will realize from the change.  If there is "something in it for you" besides being seen as a good person because you  "should" do it, you will embrace the change more enthusiastically.

One big advantage that a vegetarian lifestyle can bring you is that it is a lot less fuss to life as a vegetarian and it is far less expensive.  It doesn’t take a very extensive trip to the grocery store to realize that even a small slab of steak or a pound of hamburger is far more expensive than a head of cabbage or a bunch of carrots.  Your food costs can plummet if  you simplify your life and eat only meatless dishes.  And your food will last longer in storage.

Will Vegetarianism Change the World?
Good question...

In all our sincerity..., we all fear change.  And when we see a "movement" start to get momentum in society, its easy to fear it is being imposed on us by some sinister force out to ruin our way of life.  That instinct to fear change at a social level goes way back.  But the truth is that society does change and evolve and often for the better.

The anti smoking movement of the last three decades is a good example of positive social change.  When the move to eliminate smoking from our national life first started, many people feared it was the work of radical left wingers who wanted to take away our rights.  But as more and more discussion of the good of eliminating smoking from peoples lives occurred, it became obvious that smoking was not something good people should have a right to engage in any more than getting a dread disease is a right and a natural part of culture.  So smoking has slowly been eliminated from public life and we are a healthier people as a result.

As the move toward more healthy ways to live has continued to be part of our cultural discussion and in the last decade or so, vegetarianism has taken center stage.  As before, many fear the natural evolution of society away from meat consumption and toward a natural way of eating as vegetarians is a sinister plot of the radical left to deprive us our right to eat meat and so take away one of our freedoms.

This is far from the truth.  But that doesn’t mean that vegetarianism is not going to change the world and become more the norm than the unusual.  That is because becoming a vegetarian is a natural step for many of us who are concerned about weight loss, long life and health.
The national obsession with weight loss and avoiding sickness is so strong that its impossible to ignore. Part of the reason for that is that a lot of companies are making a lot of money selling us a lot of ways to live healthy.

What these companies don’t want you to know is that you don’t need expensive programs. You can live a healthier life and lose weight naturally by simply becoming a vegetarian and accelerate it with some reliable and safe supplements. But as that truth becomes more well known, the movement will pick up momentum and more and more people will see the good in eliminating meat and meat byproducts from their diets. If that happens the answer is yes, vegetarianism may very well take over the world.

What should be our response to the rapidly growing social momentum toward vegetarianism?
Should we buy guns and retreat to the hills to fight a final battle with the vegetarian zombies who want to rob us of our lifestyle?

Not at all. Putting the vegetarian movement into context with the move to reduce the negative impacts of smoking on our lives helps give us perspective of what to expect.

If you once smoked and have quit because it has become so socially unacceptable to smoke, you no doubt are glad by now that you did so. Why? Because you are more healthy, happier, more energetic and you will live longer. That good change may have been imposed on you by society but you benefited from the change.

If society moves more toward vegetarian living because of the common sense of living a healthy way that is in concert with ethical treatment of animals, organic living and living green, it will change the way we work as a society. It is easy to look down the road to a time when eating meat is unusual and there are more vegetarian restaurants and markets than any other kind.

But this is not a social change to be feared.


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Yes, when you join the vegetarian revolution, just as it was when you quit smoking, it may be difficult and you may resent it. But when you have made the change, you will find yourself healthier, happier, slimmer and living longer as a result. And even if you hated seeing vegetarianism change the world, in the final analysis, we all will be better people if it does.

One advantage that many new converts to vegetarianism notice but that don’t get much coverage is how much better their digestive systems will work without the heavy load that meat places on your insides. Not only will you digest your food more easily, you will not feel that "heavy and sluggish" sensation and you will sleep better and even have better "lovely times". That is because the negative impact of animal muscle on your intestines will disappear. You will also notice it in your lower intestines and your elimination. In every way, the functioning of your internal mechanisms will be much smoother when you only give it meatless meals to live on.

The health benefits are probably the motivation that convinces most people to adopt a meat free diet. The simple fact is that science has proven that humans are not natural meat eaters.

Yes we can live on meat but our systems are not well suited to digest the heavy food that meat represents in your digestive system.

Many of the most chronic national health problems can be traced to meat consumption. Everything from obesity to cancer to heart disease to aging seems to be linked to the consumption of meat. Because meat is so much more difficult on our internal systems to digest, utilize and eliminate, the impact on your insides is devastating. Vegetarians do not suffer with as high an incidence of colon cancer, heart disease or obesity.

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The moral, ethical and spiritual reasons for becoming a vegetarian are also well known. Many religions call for a diet of no meat and frequent fasting. A vegetarian diet gives you much greater control over your appetite so you can observe religious disciplines that call for physical denial for a short time and get all of the spiritual good from them.

Besides the spiritual values, more and more people are becoming aware that eating meat is unethical or immoral. It is not "kooky" or crazy to see that the raising of animals for us to kill and eat seems barbaric for an evolved culture such as ours. It is easy to find horror stories of the gruesome ways that animals are slaughtered to become our food.

To become part of the solution rather part of the problem is appealing to many people who have a conscience. And vegetarianism is part of the solution that if all of us embraced vegetarianism, it would be a better world for everyone.

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