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Lose Weight with Detox
Pretty Simple - But you must Stick on it seriously...

Is very well known, that the rising number of overweight and obese people in America have ushered in many diet programs, that have come and gone in rapid manner.

Such fad diets have claimed quick fixes and easy solutions to lose weight without starving to death in the process. But the adverse effects and results of some of these diet programs have prompted American to be more discerning and cautious in choosing a diet program that would best suit.

Lose Weight with DetoxInadvertently, some individuals have undergone a seemingly endless cycle of trial and error and some have simply too disheartened enough to try new diet programs.

The idea of detoxification as a way of shedding off some extra pounds seems all too good to be true. You will not only be able to flush out the harmful toxins in your body but you will also lose excess weight in the process.

Now this is something certainly worth trying!

The combination of eliminating toxins and lose weight with detox is undoubtedly a powerful program that can promote overall wellness.

The best way to lose weight with detox is to eat more cherries and strawberries, which contains ellagic acid that does not only eliminates free radicals, it also boosts the brain power.

Another great tip is to drink for example, the newest Hot Skinny Tea that is actually capable of burning more than 150 calories a day, increases metabolism and effectively help in burning fats.

Another good way to lose weight with detox is to increase the intake of water, since this will hasten the elimination of wastes from the kidney and could also significantly help in increasing the speed of the body’s metabolism.

It is also quite helpful to know that an average person can actually lose around 10 pounds in a year just by doubling their consumption of fiber rich product alone. Apricots and prunes are also effective in expelling toxic wastes in the body and at the same time help in burning fat faster.

Like in any other diet programs out there, in order to be able to effectively lose weight with detox it is equally important to engage physical activities. This will help your body sweat and thereby become a inexpensive and natural means of detoxification too. A detox diet may not be able to immediately yield immediate results at first, but it will definitely be one of the most beneficial in the long-term basis. So, for a safer and healthier means of losing weight, try detoxification.

So: How to Detox Your Body?
Let's Get Started...

As you have certanly saw everywhere (smart-tv, internet, magazines, socials app. etc), detoxification is currently becoming one of the most natural solutions for making ones body free from toxins.

Proponents of this trend had claimed that detox is an important move to take for the reason that toxins are bad for health.

Toxins enter into the body from the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, and even from the water we drink and air we breathe, making us feel weak and dizzy once they build up into our system.

As such, they must be eliminated for us to stay healthy and strong.  And, what more effective solution can you think of than body detoxification.

Detoxifying your body can be done in just a matter of days or weeks.  There are certain rules to follow, however.  The rules set just involve what foods to eat and what foods are not allowed to eat.

Certain acts of cleanliness are also given importance if you want to detox your body in the best possible way, and the detoxifying starts by knowing exactly what technique to consider.
There are a lot of ways available for you to detox your body. One of the common ways is by following a good diet. Detox diet now comes in a number of forms, and with this fact, finding the right solution can be a bit difficult. However, this can be solved easily if you know exactly what type of detox diet to consider. If you think you will be having a hard time figuring out which of the detox diet plans suit best your needs, try to ask your doctor for he or she can perform a thorough assessment regarding your health and your needs.

If detox is appropriate for you, here’s what typically happens:

To detox your body, you will be required every morning to prepare a half lemon pinched into a hot water. This is used instead of having a cup of coffee. But you can also enjoy a good cup of herbal teas, dandelion coffee, as well as hot cordials. These mixes can also help you detox your body properly.

In addition, it will be typical for you to drink 1.5 liters of purified water.

This should be maintained instead of coffee, alcohol and strong tea. When detoxifying your body, veggies and fruits will be introduced to your diet. Whole grains and healthy proteins are also allowed, and if you are the type who loves to consume products made of cow’s milk and wheat, expect then to be discouraged from them.

To detox your body, you also need to avoid butter, and use an olive oil instead for cooking. And, to top it all, you need to clean your surroundings by eliminating all the clutters.

This is given importance knowing that a clean environment will help you become more strong and free from toxins.

REMEMBER: Before detoxing your body, look at your habits first. And determine what others possible ways you can do to improve your lifestyle for a much better personal health.


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The Detox Diet Plan and Its Phases

Yes. Detoxification is utilized by thousands of people as a diet regimen that aids the bodily systems to eliminate harmful toxins.

As we reported before, the detox diet plan is in the first place developed based on the notion that toxins enter our body and build up once not flushed outside the system. It enters from the foods we eat, the water we drink, and even from the air we breathe.
And if it builds up in a massive number, toxins can harm us.

Symptoms like wrinkles, bloating, loss of energy, and cellulite will soon appear.

So to prevent such bothering conditions from happening, detox diet plans were designed and developed. Today, it is known as diet plan where fasting plays a key role. Yes, fasting is deemed important for detoxification, and it’s no surprise to know that today, followers of the trend are strongly recommended to undergo fasting for about three days. In those three days, you are not allowed to eat any food.

All you have to consume is purified water or tea .

Also, you are required to maintain a certain activity to keep you active, but this must only be considered in minimum. Venturing into extreme climates is highly prohibited.

The detox diet plan typically features two phases for the detoxification process to occur.

The first phase is said to occur after the first three days of fasting. It is known by many detox experts as the monotrophic phase of the diet as the person involved in the plan only consume a single type of fruit with every meal.

If you are preparing for your breakfast, for instance, you only need to choose a particular kind of fruit to consume and you are limited to only that.

No more, no less. This also holds true as with your lunch and dinner. You might also be given a glass of fresh juice before you take your dinner meal.

It is important to note that during the monotrophic stage of the detox diet plan, you are required to eat only one fruit for about a week. Yes, We said “a week”, and for many detox diet proponents, that period is good enough for you to release all the toxins in your body. That will also aid for your weight loss.

The second stage of the detox diet plan includes the addition of raw foods to your diet. This stage will last for about a month or so, and here, a variety of fruits are allowed for you to eat, however, with certain limits. After an amount of days following this stage, you will feel like tired, nauseous and lightheaded. Well, as what many detox diet planners have said, this is just a natural reaction caused by the detoxification process.

The detox diet plan is not yet scientifically proven. There are also several side effects associated to it, the reason that those who are thinking of following the diet are highly recommended to see a doctor first before going on to the process.

A new you in 42 days - detox program
Give it a Try!
As the old adage goes, "You are what you eat". Unfortunately, it has to take a cliché for us to be reminded that eating canned foods, for instance, give you some protein and nothing else but a variety of garbage in the guise of preservatives, artificial food colors and flavors with tongue-twisting names.

The body responds to these and other toxins by neutralizing and segregating them to a degree that the body can tolerate.

However, at some point your system becomes overloaded with toxins that you start feeling symptoms like headaches, joint pains, frequent colds, sore throat, constipation, chronic fatigue, allergy, high blood cholesterol and so much more.

Bear in mind that when in a detox program, you are cleansing your body using only fruits, vegetables, water/tea and herbs. Do not consume anything other than those.

Depending on the length of a detox program you want to adopt (3-5 days, 7-21 days, or a year long program), always jumpstart your day with a warm lemonade drink made of ½ lemonade and a glass of warm distilled water, or clinically tested products.

Fifteen to 30 minutes before breakfast eat any fresh fruit then replace cereals and bread with whole grains like short-grain brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, and millet.

Eat fruits or roasted vegetables for midday snacks and fresh green salads or any cooked combination of vegetables for your regular meals. You are trying to avoid sugar, caffeine, refined flour, red meat, and other animal products.

Do this for fourteen days.

And, for the third and fourth weeks, consume only raw fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fruit-vegetable juices.

This is supposed to relieve your digestive system of any stresses and hasten detoxification.



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Finally, the fifth and sixth weeks of your detox program is the liquid diet: in which you will be consuming fruits and vegetable smoothies only. This is to further relieve any stresses on your digestive system as well as stimulate treatment and cellular renewal.

It also helps if you are supported with applications of yoga, reflexology, meditation, and light therapy.

And as reward, you will receive back a complete brand-new healthy body.

Feel free to consult here our health Web Portal - on the weight loss section - to find more idea, diets and tips for a perfect healthy Lifestyle!

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