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How Leaders Cause Stress
Are you also stressed by your supervisor?

For the leaders of organisation there are two levels at which workplace stress must be addressed.

Firstly at corporate, strategic level, where a degree of stress is inevitable, given the pace and frequency of change that businesses of all kinds are experiencing today. Political, economic, environmental, social, and technological changes combine to make it essential that the organisation is equipped to respond to or, better, to forecast and prepare for change. The need to manage change successfully adds to the complexities and pressures facing the leaders of the organisation.

Secondly, at the operational levels stress which affects the managers and operational staff can be caused by many factors, not least the behaviour of the operational managers themselves.

However, the leaders of the organisation are responsible for the way in which the organisation responds to the threat of negative stress, at both strategic and operational levels. In fact, it is often the behaviour, the actions, the style of the leader(s) that causes the stress.

Some of the most common areas in which the negative behaviour of the leader(s) can cause stress are described below.

Successful leaders ensure that their organisations are appropriately resourced.

The needs of the organisation’s strategic objectives are assessed and funds are allocated and activity planned to deliver the necessary resources as and when required.

Human resources, physical resources, technological resources, funds, systems, should all be in place or planned for. A monitoring and control process should be in place to respond to the need for changes to the plans. If these processed are not followed, then wherever the plans reach a point where the necessary resources are missing, or incomplete, the stress levels of managers and their teams will rise, as they attempt to achieve the set objectives with inadequate resources.

As in most situations where the actions of the leader(s) have lead to problems or difficulties, it is the operational level people who are the first to suffer.

However, ultimately it is the organisation that is damaged, through the direct repercussions of the initial mistakes causing problems in areas such as sales or customer satisfaction, and then again from the problems caused by the increase in negative stress levels.

In any organisation one of the most common sources of conflict, dispute, and ensuing personal distress, are the related issues of equality of opportunity, diversity, and discrimination. The leader(s) of the organisation must ensure that the culture of the organisation and the actions of individuals supports equality of opportunity and diversity and prevents discrimination of any kind.

Effective leaders do this by: making equality, diversity, and prevention of discrimination an essential, high profile element of the organisation’s strategies and objectives; ensuring that all staff are familiar with the organisation’s policies in this area and that they understand their personal responsibilities in complying with the policy; ensuring that the organisational structure and processes are receptive to the different needs and abilities of a diverse workforce; implementing a rigorous monitoring and control process to identify and deal with any breaches of the policies; dealing ruthlessly with any employee, of any status, should they act in an unfair of discriminatory manner.

Leaders who do not give strong, visible, leadership in these areas will be risking considerable damage being done.

Without strong leadership there is a grave danger of discrimination and unfairness happening, not just at operational levels but also at the executive level. Managers behaving unfairly or in a discriminatory way, or not dealing with such behaviour in others, are the cause of considerable negative stress. The repercussions of these unacceptable actions can include personal distress, the break-up of teams, the collapse of projects, internal disciplinary action, industrial tribunals or civil court action, and leave a climate of hostility, blame, conflict, and unhappiness.

The impact in terms of negative stress being generated is enormous. Effective leaders prevent such disastrous repercussions, by ensuring that promote, support, and insist on fairness and equality towards all.

One of the key responsibilities of the leaders of organisations, indeed in some cases a legal requirement in itself, is to ensure that the organisation complies with relevant legislation and regulations.

Effective leaders do this by: monitoring the legal and regulatory environment to identify where the organisation must comply; developing, implementing and maintaining effective policies and procedures to ensure that the organisation meets all legal and regulatory requirements; making certain that relevant people are aware of the policies and procedures and their responsibilities in maintaining them; implementing a monitoring, control, and corrective action system to maintain compliance; providing appropriate resources for operational managers to carry out the policies effectively.

Leaders who do not take this responsibility seriously will create opportunities for inadvertent and deliberate non-compliance. The pressures caused by this flawed approach will be felt most by individual operational managers.

It is these managers who will be faced with the repercussions of non-compliance, particularly in areas such as health and safety, recruitment and selection, accounting and finance, equal opportunities and discrimination.

For these managers, and by default the operational staff, one of the results will be increased negative stress levels.

So: How To Manage Stress at Work?
Let Us Guide You

By finding the way to reduce the stresses in your life you will feel more relax and will find many creative ideas to improve also your business.

That’s why We would wish to convince you about the importance of simplify your life.

Don’t sweat and lose time and energy on a small stuff.

Concentrate on the important things in life enjoy your relationship with family and friends, respect your physical, mental and emotional health condition.

It’s your life and you are the one that makes the decisions on how best to live it.

Before starting to feel sorry for all the things that you could do and you could have and circumstances that bring you the stress in your life, keep in mind that we all have stress in our lives. No one is exception. The stress no respect your age, colour, religion, social status, money or power. Sometimes we might feel that the life of our neighbors is better, but hold down you cannot envy them because you really don’t know what their stresses are.

One old Russian folk tale says that if all the people in the world put their worries in a bag and put all the bags together we would all choose our own bag of troubles.
You can simple reduce the stress by knowing that people are happy as they allow themselves to be. First you have to identify what you like and what you don’t like. Then you can do more what you like to do and to do less of what you don’t like to do. Now, probably you want to stop us by saying “You cannot do always what you like and what you want- the life is unfair”. But you will be amazed at how much you can do once you have identified your priorities and have given yourself permission to do what pleases you.

Just ask yourself the following questions: Is my desire and decision legal? Will it hurt anyone? Can I deal and be responsible for the consequences?

If you answer no to the first two questions ‘no’ and ‘yes’ to the third than you are ready to go ahead.

It’s your life and you are the one that take the decisions and actions.

Your stressors are very personal. What stress one person out, gives another joy. For example some people feel total panic when they have to be center of attention while others loves to do it. Make a list of all the things that stress you ( for example in different categories work, money, relationships and health).Then deal with the stressing issues. But remember that usually what stress you are not the actions of the people in your life, it is your reaction to those actions. You can say that your work stress you out, your husband/wife, your children, your friends, outside factors….ect.

But be honest to yourself-how many people wake up in the morning thinking that today they plan to make your life horrible and stress you as much as possible?! While you have no control over your spouse moods or over the way the things in life are happening, you do have control over your reactions. You always have options and can choose to react in any number of ways. As you go through life you will find that some things are within your power and some things are not. The person who can make this distinction quickly and easily is very lucky.

Personally for Us, one of the hardest and most stressful things is to say “No” to loved ones, family, friends, colleagues. We suppose that most of the people feel the same. They want to be good guys and to keep the good relationship with people they care about. We realized that one of the biggest stressors to is taking too many tasks (and things to do) because we cannot say ‘no’.


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Maybe you don’t like to say ‘no’ for a number of reasons. Sometimes you want to control the issues .Other time can be fear that if you say no people will be angry with you, or they might not manage alone with the problem. But the true is that you cannot please all the people all the time. It’s totally ok to say ‘no’ sometimes.

You will be amazed to see how different is when you stop to take other people stress on your shoulders. And if this influences your relationship with these people you could simply think how positive and strong is it? Just be reasonable and fair and face the consequences.

Nobody knows your stressors better than you.You are the only one that know how best to manage them and to feel peace and harmony in your life. Your identified stressors are under the control of your reactions.

Remember that you can have anything in life, but you cannot have everything.

It’s your life so it’s your control!

One more thing: not to forget that “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”.

So you make the conclusions….

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