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Food Addiction
A Craving You Can’t Seem to Control

          You may overdose on potato chips or tortilla chips once in a while, but would you consider yourself to be a food addict?

The answer is important, because it could be the key to determining what course of action you need to take in order to lose weight.  A number of medical experts say that food addiction is just as serious as nicotine or cocaine addiction - and can potentially be just as deadly.

When you suffer from food addiction, you have an overwhelming desire for a particular food. The desire is so strong, in fact, that if you are unable to consume that food, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and depression. Food addicts crave the comfort that a particular food gives them. They also may engage in binge eating.

REMEMBER: Their cravings for food may be both physical and psychological.

      It should be pointed out that there are different varieties of food addiction. For instance, there is compulsive overeating, where an individual goes on eating binges that can last several days.   

The addict may sometimes lose weight, but tends to gain it back again. Symptoms include eating quickly, compulsively eating alone, and eating when there is no evidence of hunger.

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Yet another form of addiction is bulimia, in which an individual overeats, then purges either by vomiting or by taking laxatives.   Signs of this condition include isolating oneself when eating, trying to consume huge portions of food rapidly, and being preoccupied with one’s weight.

       Food addiction can also come in the form of anorexia, where an individual attempts to starve oneself in order to achieve an unrealistic weight. Anorexics tend to be 15 percent below normal body weight and have a phobia about being fat. They have difficulty eating with other people and appear to be obsessed with weight.  

They may engage in ritualistic behavior involving food and may suffer from depression.

The good news is that food addiction can be successfully treated. This treatment can come in a variety of forms.  A food addict may work with a psychotherapist to develop new ways to deal with food and his or her emotions Or with a very Good Weight loss Supplement.

The therapist might be able to identify the source of the individual’s fear or anger - the reason behind the individual’s addiction.   In the majority of cases, the psychologist will help the individual to develop a treatment plan which spells out expectations and goals, both for the short-term and the long-term.   

In the most serious cases, an individual may have to undergo in-patient treatment at a psychological facility.  

Treatment often involves helping the individual to return to healthy eating methods, dealing with the underlying emotional causes of addiction, and learning effective coping techniques.

         Food addicts often follow the tenets of the same kind of "rigid steps program" used by alcoholics.

This involves admitting their powerlessness over food, their belief that they could be restored to sanity, and an admission of their faults and failings.
In addition, food addicts often draw strength from support groups made up of people who have similar difficulties dealing with food.
Just knowing that there are other people who face the same challenges sometimes can be incredibly therapeutic.

     It is unclear at this point whether food addiction is a genetically-based illness. Certainly, however, there is evidence of eating patterns being passed down from one generation to the next.

In fact, many food addicts may only seek help after they have determined that their illness could adversely affect their children.

    It is entirely possible that a food addiction can never be cured, that it can only be treated. In other words, the recovery period for the addiction can last a lifetime. However, one should never lose hope of beating a food addiction.
With patience and with time, individual addicts can learn the behavioral skills which will enable them to keep their weight under control.  

Of course, there will be times when individuals will be tempted to indulge in sweets or excessive carbohydrates.  However, knowing the pain that they will undergo if they continue their harmful eating habits could be just the incentive they need to stay the course.

Food Addiction and Recovery Facts
Do you have this Problem?

Yes, as above here reported, there is such thing as food addiction. This is the time when good food becomes bad.

And Yes. Food addiction has an not too hard recovery.

But first, you have to know what causes the stress in the person to eliminate his or her addiction.

Usually, the craving for food, even if the person is not hungry, is caused by emotional problems engaged in the person’s life.

Once a dysfunctional habit is maintained with food, there is a risk to always be starving or over-eating.

When food is used as a getaway tool for problems, it becomes unhealthy and can lead to life threatening outcomes as just mentioned.

Don’t mistaken food addiction with over-eating in food gatherings or occasions because that is totally expected.

Over-eating in parties or holidays is normal and can bring back the person into his or her daily eating habit after.

Food addiction is far beyond than that. It involves a certain kind of craving that becomes terminal and leads the person into eating because of emotional disturbance.

This is quite evident with people who are obese. A lot of obese people who were once thin have undergone emotional problems and made food as their only best friend. You can think of food addiction as an emotional hunger and not digestive hunger.

No matter how healthy something is, when it excesses, the result can be pretty nasty and unforgiving to the addicted body. Unlike smoking and drinking addiction that can both be altered in ways like instead of drinking, the person exerts his attention on exercise or sports.

But in food addiction, it’s quite different because people need to eat. A person who is addicted to food can’t be extracted from eating, that’ll be brutal. Eating is not at all bad but the way food is being used up in the body is what makes food addiction a no-no.

How can you spot a food addict?

1. Secretive eating. When someone in your family isolates himself from everyone just to gobble up everything in the fridge, this can be a good sign. Although, this person will never mention how many times he eats because he wanted to keep his eating disorder to himself.

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2. Eating bad foods. Bad here describes food that are raw, stale, undercooked, overcooked or even half frozen.

Food addiction is not just meant for those who are fat but also to those who seems normal and underweight. This kind of addiction is associated with other food eating disorders like bulimia wherein someone indulges in food and then results to induced vomiting or laxative use to eliminate excess food that were taken.

The moment you have spotted someone who is into food addiction, especially in your family or even a friend, take a moment to sit down and know the cause of the problem.

Food addicts are in dire need of psychological and medical help in order to overcome the disorder. If someone in your family has exhibited food addiction, you have to make him or her see a psychologist or consult a council.

It is also important to let the person visit a physician in order to diagnose any disease that is already occurring inside the body.

For food addiction to see recovery, there is a need to identify the present problems that are causing the addiction and cope with it.

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