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History of Obesity
A Little Briefing

The ever-increasing crisis of child and adult obesity in the United States has spiraled into such alarming proportions. It is considered to be one of the easiest medical conditions to identify but the most difficult to cure. Excessive weight gain brought about by very poor diet and lack of physical exercise is primarily responsible to over 300,000 deaths of Americans every year.

The annual cost of obesity have shoot up to an estimated $ 100 billion.

This is simply quite too much for us to just ignore.

Overweight children have a greater probability of turning into overweight adults unless some interventions are made. The causes of obesity are quite complex and include a number of factors that include genetic, behavioral, cultural and biological.

A person is at greater risk of obesity if he/she has a history of obesity in the family.

Although heredity does not predetermine a person to be overweight, it has a great influence in the amount of body fat and its distribution. A person’s genes make him/her more prone to gaining weight.

With a family history of obesity, the likelihood of a person of becoming obese can shoot up by about 25 to 30 percent. Although there is almost no known ( science backed*) way of altering the genetic makeup of a person, weight reduction efforts will still pay off even if a person has a family history of obesity.

Aside from having a history of obesity, another contributing factor of obesity is the person’s eating attitude and lifestyle.

Poor eating habits, excessive food intake and sedentary lifestyle are sure-fire ingredients to acquiring obesity.

Culture is also a big factor in developing obesity since the ethnic background of a person largely influences food choices. There are some family traditions and rituals that often encourage large servings of food. In a typical American diet, many of the foods have very high calories.

In some rare cases, obesity can be triggered by some medical ailments. However, there are less than 2 percent of all cases of obesity that can be attributed to a metabolic disorder, such as hormonal imbalance and low thyroid function.

Considering all the contributing factors of obesity, it is still a highly curable disease.

It is essentially up to the person to take full responsibility of his/her health. It mainly boils down to a person’s attitude with regards to his/her health and lifestyle.

Adapting a healthier diet, proper exercise and sticking to an effective weight loss program can considerably add years to a person’s life.

Proper understanding and knowledge are the primary factors towards a longer and healthier life.

The Cost of Obesity
It is a fact. Nowadays, more and more Americans are obsessed with keeping their body weight down and shedding off some extra pounds.

The introduction of fad diets and weight reduction programs is fast becoming an epidemic that is sweeping the country by storm.

This is in response to the disturbing percentage on the prevalence of obesity in the United States.

Today, there are six out of ten American adults, approximately some 120 million, are struggling with serious weight problems according to the National Institutes of Health. This figure more than doubled in numbers in comparison to the statistics a decade ago.

And seemed to have put off a distress signal for Americans to be more concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physique.
Weight Gain And Obesity - The Signs And The Cures
Basic knowledge to correct this problem

We already reported here that weight gain and obesity are among the chief health concerns in the developed world today.

Adults, usually gain weight as a result of an increase in storage fat or lean body mass. Obesity and weight problems to people whose weight increases due to too much storage fat.

Although too much body fat is a bad thing and can lead to obesity, we all need it in certain amounts in our body.

It stores energy, insulates the body and protects organs, but most people have more than they really need.

There are many  reasons why people become overweight. Some people inherit it genetically, others overeat, while stopping smoking, lack of exercise, too much alcohol or not enough exercise can also be contributing factors.

The symptoms of being overweight can also easily be spotted. These include:
* heartburn
* shortness of breath when exercising
* difficulty in walking and moving around
* depression or other emotional problems
* aching back and knees
* coronary heart disease
* swelling of the feet or legs
* increased cholesterol levels
* diabetes
* osteoarthritis in some joints
* increased blood pressure
* irregular heartbeat
How can you deal with obesity?

The two main causes of obesity are the consumption of pre-packaged and junk foods, and a lack of exercise and outdoor activities.

It really has now become a very serious problem in Western societies. It has been recorded in some European countries that school uniforms for children and teenagers are, on average, being produced in larger sizes.

Obesity in society is a complex problem and there are many causes.

However, for most people, a few lifestyle changes can reverse the ill-effects of obesity.

If you suffer from obesity, reaching your healthy weight is an attainable goal, no matter how daunting it may seem at first.


Whether you go it alone or look for the help and advice of a dietitian, you need to examine your diet. Cutting back on the amount you eat or changing the types of food you eat can make a big difference.

However, crash diets are not the answer. You should be able to eat a healthy, tasty, balanced diet and lose weight at the same time. The food pyramid will show you how to meet all your nutritional needs.

Pick a healthy meal plan that is low in calories and suits your taste. Try to stick to this and do not to give into temptation. Eating healthily does not mean you can not eat well so check out some cook books on how to spice up healthy meals.


Exercising regularly is a vital part of losing weight. Not only will it help you lose weight, it will keep you feeling healthier and happier, and you will have much more energy for the things you enjoy doing. Although it may not seem like an attractive prospect at first, you will be glad you did it once you get into the habit.

Doctors recommend that we do some form of exercise that increases our heart rate for at least 30 minutes every day.

Not only will this help you lose the pounds, it also burns off toxins in the body that can make you ill, and prevent any number of health problems.

Do not bite off more than you can chew. The trick is to start slowly. Walking is an excellent form of exercise. Start with short distances and you will soon be comfortable walking, or even jogging, for a few miles.

Of course, there are many, many sports and activities you can take part in.

Tennis, dancing, martial arts, football, the list is endless.

If you are unsure about it, try going along to your local gym and talk to a personal trainer who will take you through the first steps and come up with a plan that will bring you back to full fitness and help you lose the pounds.

Losing weight is not always easy. Most likely you will have to make some significant changes in your lifestyle.

You may have to abstain from some of your favorite foods and be active when you just feel like watching some TV.

However, this doesn't mean you can't enjoy life.

Also remember that your actions will have a knock-on effect on those around you. If you are fit and healthy, your family and friends will be more likely go be fit and healthy so you will be doing a lot of good.

Unfortunately, obesity is a big problem in the United States today and for many people it is something they can not avoid.

However, for many of us it is a choice we make, a choice about our lifestyle.

We owe it to ourselves and those around us to choose a healthy lifestyle that involves good eating and exercise.
Economical Obesity Surgery
The last step to take into consideration

Do you find yourself constantly battling with serious weight problems? Are you having a hard time shedding off those extra pounds?

Here is some great news for you!

An economical obesity surgery is sometimes a great new alternative for people just like you. Who ever said you have to battle it own on your own? Maybe it’s time for you to seek some expert medical assistance to be on your way to a leaner and healthier body at a not very expensive cost.

Among some of the popular obesity surgeries available today are the gastric bypass and lap band surgery. These medical procedures are usually done to individuals who are victims of morbid obesity. This type of obesity is considered potentially deadly with serious health complications, which includes type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, and some types of cancer.

The main concept of an "economical" obesity surgery is to alter the anatomy of the digestive system and limit the amount of food intake and food digested.

The operation basically involves the bypass or reduction the small intestines so that extremely overweight people can attain a substantial and even permanent weight loss.

The gastric bypass is the most popular type of "economical" obesity surgery that has been performed for over 25 years in the United States.

The procedure includes the reduction of the volume of the stomach by four rows of stainless steel staples that would separate the main body of the stomach from the newly separated pouch. The food will flow through the pouch, bypassing the main part of the stomach and slowly emptying the small intestine where is will be absorbed.

Another form of economical obesity surgery available today is the lap band surgery.

This process creates a small pouch without using stomach staplers. The small gastric pouch would not only limit that consumption of food at one time, it also slows the rate of emptying in the stomach. The patient would considerably feel full even with a minimal food intake.

Most of the patients lose an average of 50% of the weight they needed to reach their ideal weight by undergoing an economical obesity surgery. However, the surgeries are not an instant weight-loss operation. A drastic change in the eating habits and regular exercise are still required to be able to maintain a normal body weight.

The above-mentioned surgeries are not the ultimate solution for weight reduction. It still greatly relies on the commitment and discipline of the person to lose weight.
Obesity kills a staggering 300,000 Americans every single year and health-care expenditures and associated cost of obesity have gone up to a whooping $ 150 billion per annum. A Famous Health Organization roughly estimated that about 14 percent of the U.S. budget of health care is largely spent on the treatment of obesity.

About $ 91.64 can be directly attributed to direct cost of obesity such as the administered medical treatments.

There is also an indirect cost of obesity in the business sector, which is a result of higher absenteeism among extremely overweight employees, loss of productivity, and restricted activity.

According to a recent study, the expensive cost of obesity does not only run up the health and a medical bill of overweight people, but it is costing everyone as well.

Some researchers estimated on old-year 2003 alone, every taxpayer pay around $270 annually which is mainly spent to manage obesity-related problems such as clogged arteries, cancer and diabetes.

The nation is undoubtedly forced to pay too high a price for too many excess pounds with dollars, premature death and health complications brought about by obesity.

Although there are a remarkable number of people who are consciously shifting to a healthier diet and lifestyle, there are still a great number who are unwilling or are incapable of reducing their calorie intake, eat better foods and exercise.

Government officials and health experts suggest that the only way to trim down the prevalence rate of obesity is to educate people and urge them to take full responsibility of maintaining a healthy and fit body.



Changes, are really possible without Drastical Surgery.

The cost of obesity can be significantly curbed with making healthy choices and increasing physical activity.

There are government- funded programs that are specifically designed to inform people about the grim facts and consequences of obesity.

But in the end, it is still the individual’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle that would count the most.

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